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Hotel Uhland Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Uhlandstrasse 1
80336 München

Current time in Munich


Please send us an email. We answer daily from Monday to Friday from 7am until 6pm.
On weekends we possible may not answer all of them.

Our confirmation will be sent per email
Please check below the exclusion dates for the offers on this page


Rates 2017

Room Type

Size approx m2

Size approx sq ft

Single room (small) up to 13 m2 up to 140 sq ft from € 80,00
Single room (large)  15 m2 161 sq ft from € 85,00
Single room with waterbed 15,5 m2 166,8 sq ft from € 90,00
Double room (small) 17 to 18 m2 183 to 193 sq ft from € 110,00
Double room or Twin room (medium) 22 to 25 m2 237 to 269 sq ft from € 120,00
Double room or Twin room (large) 30 m2 323 sq ft from € 130,00
Double room with waterbeds 26,5 m2 285 sq ft from € 130,00
Extra charge for allergic rooms per room/per night      
Family room (2 adults and 2 children up to 16 years)

30 m2

323 sq ft from € 180,00
Extra bed (or sofa bed) with breakfast)     from € 30,00
Baby bed (crib up to 3 years) without breakfast)     10,00
Buffet breakfast in all rates included, except baby crib     included

The size of the rooms is with the bathroom inclusive.

 Click here to convert  area units from  m2 (square meter) to sq ft (square foot ) 
Click for actual  exchange rates and  currency converter
2% cash discount

Weekend packages 2017
Arrival Friday or Saturday, departure Sunday or Monday
The total rates for the weekend packages per room with buffet breakfast.

Rates 2017

  total rates
for 2 nights

total rates
for 3 nights


single room (small) € 144,00 € 216,00
single room (larger) € 154,00 € 231,00
Double room (small) € 198,00 € 297,00
Double room or twin room (mid size) € 216,00 € 324,00
Double room or twin room (large) € 234,00 € 351,00
Family room (2 adults and 2 children up to 16 years) € 324,00 € 486,00
triple room € 288,00 € 432,00
Buffet breakfast in all rates included, except baby crib


Please note that our Weekend Specials pertain only to the categories listed above.
Please find here our extra offer for a one week stay

Exclusion List.
Our offers on this page are not valid anymore on the dates below.
The first day and the last day are included. (Date = DD.MM.YY)

The hotel is closed from 24.12.2017 until 07.01.2018.

Please click on the underlined dates for more information

15. September bis 3. Oktober 2017 siehe Oktoberfest 2017 freie Zimmer
08.-14.03.2017 08.-11.05.2017 30.05-01.06.2017 26.-28.05.2017
01.-03.12.2017 08.-10.12.2017 15.-17.12.2017 22.-24.12.2017

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Internet offers on this page are not available anymore. Please ask us for rates and availability

Our internet offers on this page are still available but no more weekend special rates. The normal offer rates are valid also on weekends

For this period we show you special offers on an extra page of our website

All rates include buffet breakfast, service and tax per room, net hotel (no commissions on our internet offer rates). The offer is open according to availability. Please enquire about our special rates for weekly and monthly packages. Parking. All our rooms are non smoking rooms.
Please see also the General Terms and Conditions for hotel accommodation contracts.

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